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OFFERING-English or Spanish in exchange for either French, Arabic or German


I am Mexican American. native English speaker looking for either native French, Arabic or German to Skype with.  ADD me- llindacrystal

By llindacrystal - 約5年 ago

  • Hi there ^ _ ^ / Iam Arab, I will be pleased to help you with Arabic. - Raniaranya - 約5年 ago

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how`re you doing?

By delicioussik - 約5年 ago


    Hey ^ _ ^

    I want to improve my speaking skills in English for my  career and future work . so , I want to practise it from time to  time on Skype

    If you are really intersted in helping me,  I wi llbe pleased to help with Arabic no matter what your level is.


    By ramyelmasry - 約5年 ago



      i want improve my speaking to complete my studies if you don't mind my skype: firas.dream


      By firas - 約5年 ago

      • I've been trying to improve arabic on skype at but it would be nice if I can have other people to talk to. - coolguy43 - 4年弱 ago

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