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  • Carl

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    How to say goodbye in Vietnamese?

    Posted 1年以上 ago by Carl

    There are many ways to say hello but how can we actually say goodbye?

  • Andy

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    How to start learning Vietnamese?

    Posted 2年以上 ago by Andy

    Chào! Ever since I was young I’ve been interested in Vietnam. It seems very different from all the other SE asian countries and the language also stands out a lot. So here I am starting out to study at home before traveling there next year. What would be a good starting point? I already speak some Chinese so the tones hopefully won’t be a big obstacle to get over. Apart from DuoLingo, which i’m...

  • Carl

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    How do i say "I'm looking forward to.." in Vietnamese?

    Posted 約5年 ago by Carl

    Hi guys!So im having trouble finding how to properly translate this sentence. Google translate just gives me a very literal translation that doesnt have the same meaning.. any ideas?Thanks!

  • Shobi

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    How to translate Cá không ăn muối cá ươn, con cãi cha mẹ trăm đường con hư

    Posted 5年以上 ago by shobi

    Literally i suppose the first part translates to something like "Fish dont eat salted fish"? Then for the second part, i have absolutely no idea what it could mean..

  • Carl

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    Easy books to read in Vietnamese

    Posted 約6年 ago by Carl

    Hi!  I have been studying Vietnamese for a couple of months now and am looking for some fairly simple books in Vietnamese. Preferably with pictures so that its easy to understand the context. Important is that they are not using too much slang and dont have a lot of misspellings. Any tips?